Matthew Levy co-authors in American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

Matthew R. Levy (Cohort 16 — Harvard Alumni List) 

co-authors 'An Alternative to Signaling: Directed Search and Substitution' in American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 2016, 8(4): 1–15;

Dr. Levy is Lecturer in the Department of Economics at London School of Economics and Political Science
October 26, 2016

Kathleen Mullen authors in NBER

Kathleen J. Mullen (Cohort 12 — Harvard Alumni List) 

authors "The Effect of Population Aging on Economic Growth, the Labor Force and Productivity" in NBER, July 2016.

Dr. Mullen is Senior Economist in the at RAND Corporation
October 25, 2016

John Cawley co-authors in Journal of Medical Economics

John Cawley (Cohort 6 — Michigan Alumni List) 

co-authors 'Estimates of the direct and indirect cost savings associated with heart disease that could be avoided through dietary change in the United States' in the Journal of Medical Economics, 2016;   Published online: 11 Oct 2016

Dr. Cawley is Professor in the Departments of Policy Analysis and Management, and Economics at Cornell University
October 19, 2016

Brendan Nyhan co-authors paper

Brendan Nyhan (Cohort 16 — Michigan Alumni List) 

co-authora a paper 'Do People Actually Learn From Fact-Checking? Evidence from a longitudinal study during the 2014 campaign' on September 16, 2016.

Dr. Nyhan is Assistant Professor in the Department of Government at Dartmouth College
October 18, 2016

Taeku Lee co-authors a NAAS report

Taeku Lee (Cohort 6 — Yale Alumni List) 

co-authors a '2016 election survey results report' by the National Asian American Survey (NAAS) on October 5, 2016.

Dr. Lee is Professor in the Department of Political Science at University of California, Berkeley
October 18, 2016