Elizabeth E. Bruch

Cohort 13 — Michigan Alumni List
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Department of Complex Systems
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Dr. Bruch received her PhD from UCLA in 2006. Her work spans a broad array of population phenomena in which the actions of individuals and other units (such as families, couples or neighborhoods) are dynamically interdependent. Most of her work blends statistical and agent-based methods to examine the relationship between individuals' decisions about where to live and patterns of residential segregation. Her article on racial tolerance and race-ethnic segregation, Neighborhood Choice and Neighborhood Change, won the 2005-6 Gould Prize, the James S. Coleman Best Article award from the Mathematical Sociology section of the ASA, and the Robert Park Best Article award from the Community and Urban Sociology section of the ASA. She is currently working on problems related to income inequality and income segregation, statistical modeling of residential choice, and the role of scale (population and group size) in social dynamics. She recently started a new project on mate preferences and marriage market dynamics.

Discipline: Sociology
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