Technology Adoption and Regulation - Genetics and reproductive technologies

Rene Almeling (ext. site) Ph.D.

Cohort 15 — Berkeley/UCSF
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Public Health
Yale University, New Haven, CT

Dr. Almeling received her PhD in sociology from UCLA in 2008. Her research interests are in gender, markets, medicine, and genetics. She recently completed a book, Sex Cells: The Medical Market in Eggs and Sperm, which compares how reproductive cells, and the women and men who donate them, are culturally and economically valued (University of California Press). This project received the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the Medical Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association. As a Scholar, she interviewed genetic counselors for a new research project on how gendered ideas about bodies shape the presentation of genetic knowledge. She also initiated a survey research project on women's experiences of in vitro fertilization. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Yale University.

Discipline: Sociology